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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the dam finally broke. I was so consumed with my fantasies that Lex was missing me as much as I was missing him, and with the hopes that he would realize the error of his ways, that I decided to contact him.  I know, I know… Don’t tell me. As my best friend in the world Candy said to me before I contacted him: “some people get the hint.


I am still wallowing in my own misery a bit. I have been feeling really sad about Lex. About the loss of the potential of a really good relationship. But I guess that unless both people are looking to fully realize the potential, there is no potential. And so it goes, around and around in my head…

I am still stalking Lex online on and off (ok, more on than off.) This weekend was particularly hard for me because he didn’t log

Electronically Dating

There has been a huge amount of activity lately. In fact I am struggling to keep track of all the people I am speaking to.  I feel like I am dating electronically – phone, email, instant message and text. I just haven’t met anyone in person yet. Mostly this is my fault. I have had a major work project with a serious deadline, and have been working until the wee

Bikram Yoga

So last night I went to do Bikram Yoga. How did I get roped into it? I asked my ex to join me for a Zumba class (it was bring a guy, get in free day). He convinced me that Bikram Yoga was MUCH better because it’s maximum calorie burn with little effort, and promised that next Zumba day, he will come and pay for both of us to get in. Calorie burn for little effort? I’m signed up!

So, first of all, you might ask why I’m still

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