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Bikram Yoga

So last night I went to do Bikram Yoga. How did I get roped into it? I asked my ex to join me for a Zumba class (it was bring a guy, get in free day). He convinced me that Bikram Yoga was MUCH better because it’s maximum calorie burn with little effort, and promised that next Zumba day, he will come and pay for both of us to get in. Calorie burn for little effort? I’m signed up!

So, first of all, you might ask

Ignore Looks?

We have been speaking for a few weeks, and we definitely seem to get along well. Every time we get on the phone, we can talk for ages. He is smart, fun, a good conversationalist. He seems to be successful. We were supposed to meet twice, but we each canceled once for personal emergencies. Anyway, in one of our last conversations, we were talking about online dating horror stories. Well, he somehow slipped into the conversation: “I told you that my picture is really really old, didn’t I?” Ummm… no… I think I would have remembered that.

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