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Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, the dam finally broke. I was so consumed with my fantasies that Lex was missing me as much as I was missing him, and with the hopes that he would realize the error of his ways, that I decided to contact him.  I know, I know… Don’t tell me. As my best friend in the world Candy said to me before I contacted him: “some people


I am still wallowing in my own misery a bit. I have been feeling really sad about Lex. About the loss of the potential of a really good relationship. But I guess that unless both people are looking to fully realize the potential, there is no potential. And so it goes, around and around in my head…

I am still stalking Lex online on and off (ok, more on than off.) This weekend was particularly hard for

Electronically Dating

There has been a huge amount of activity lately. In fact I am struggling to keep track of all the people I am speaking to.  I feel like I am dating electronically – phone, email, instant message and text. I just haven’t met anyone in person yet. Mostly this is my fault. I have had a major work project with a serious deadline, and

Happy Endings Do Exist

This Saturday I went to the wedding I was telling you about.  Well, even the jaded non-believer in me got the romantic warm fuzzies. It was a small intimate wedding of about 100 people. I was really honored to be there. Everything was done tastefully (food included). But most of all, it was one of the happiest weddings I have ever been to. The couple were so much in love that it

Great Friendships

I am feeling extraordinarily happy right now. I had the most wonderful evening, and was reminded of the importance of great friends. My friend Dana called me and asked if I wanted to meet her at Ralph’s for Italian ices. When it comes to choosing between wallowing and Ralph’s (or between Ralph’s and almost anything), Ralph’s wins every time. So although the thought of

Complete Insanity

As I have previously mentioned, cyber-stalking has its drawbacks. Let’s just start by saying that Lex is a creature of habit. He logs in to the dating site between 6 and 8am, 6 and 8pm, and sometimes between 1 and 2am. (He suffers from insomnia when he’s miserable, a thought which now gives me mild pleasure :-). Anyway, on Saturday afternoon, he logged in at 4pm, and then only logged in

Cyber Stalking

If I don’t start dating soon, or get a hobby, I think I will go insane. I have begun to cyber-stalk Lex. Ok, not really begun. More like, its become a little out of control a few weeks after it began. I spend more time on the dating site checking to see if and when he has been on than on actually looking for someone new.  There is something uncomfortably satisfying to see that he

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