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Just Lunch

I went out to lunch with my brother-in-law this afternoon. I did some really minor stuff to help him at work, so he over-reacted and took me to a fabulous restaurant for lunch. So much for my diet. (Crispy mango calamari salad, steak, fries and desert.) Can anyone say 4000-sit-ups? Aside from the calorie explosion from my lack of self control, it was a great afternoon.

Right after lunch, Arty (my Saturday date) called, and told

Nice Surprise

So he picked me up (about a 1/2 hour late).  And… well … it was a nice surprise. He looked a lot better than in the (2nd) photo. He has a nice open face and seems very sweet.

He was a real gentleman.  He took me to my favorite Thai restaurant.  Dinner was lovely. Great conversation and an all-round nice time.  For some reason, I was exhausted.  After dinner, he wanted to see a movie.  I

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