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I took Lex out for dinner. His energy made me feel nervous – even anxious. He admitted that he is very stressed. For the first time (probably ever) we really spoke. He told me about all his anxieties, his upset, his feeling of unhappiness. He told me some real information about himself, his aspirations, his family. I listened.

The nature of our relationship has always been escapist. What I love about Lex is that no

Clubbing it

I am sorry that you haven’t heard from me for days. This is because absolutely NOTHING happened in my life for about 2 days. NO phone calls, no dates: just life at the grindstone. For those people who think that the single life is all glitz and unattached glamor, so sorry to disappoint you. Its not always possible for you to live vicariously through us footloose and  fancy-free folks.

Actually, there is one new update. Someone new on


My date for tonight (the one I was looking forward to) called to postpone. He says that he is on the 2nd day of a bad cold, and that today is worse. He specifically said: “Please don’t take this as a sign of disinterest, but I really am sick and don’t feel like I would be good company.” He said he would call next week to reschedule. I have my doubts, but it will not be the first time if I am

Bikram Yoga

So last night I went to do Bikram Yoga. How did I get roped into it? I asked my ex to join me for a Zumba class (it was bring a guy, get in free day). He convinced me that Bikram Yoga was MUCH better because it’s maximum calorie burn with little effort, and promised that next Zumba day, he will come and pay for both of us to get in. Calorie burn for little effort? I’m signed up!

So, first of all, you might ask why I’m still

Nice Surprise

So he picked me up (about a 1/2 hour late).  And… well … it was a nice surprise. He looked a lot better than in the (2nd) photo. He has a nice open face and seems very sweet.

He was a real gentleman.  He took me to my favorite Thai restaurant.  Dinner was lovely. Great conversation and an all-round nice time.  For some reason, I was exhausted.  After dinner, he wanted to see a movie.  I

Ignore Looks?

We have been speaking for a few weeks, and we definitely seem to get along well. Every time we get on the phone, we can talk for ages. He is smart, fun, a good conversationalist. He seems to be successful. We were supposed to meet twice, but we each canceled once for personal emergencies. Anyway, in one of our last conversations, we were talking about online dating horror stories. Well, he somehow slipped into the conversation: “I told you that my picture is really really old, didn’t I?” Ummm… no… I think I would have remembered that.

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